Towards a New Basic Science; Depth and Synthesis
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Message from the Program Leader
Towards a New Basic Science; Depth and Synthesis
Yoshichika Onuki (Professor, Graduate School of Science)

Yoshichika Onuki (Professor, Graduate School of Science)The 21st Century COE program named “Towards a New Basic Science; Depth and Synthesis”, which is based on the traditional strengths of the Departments of Physics, Earth and Space Science and Mathematics in the Graduate School of Science, consists of three principal areas of space and fundamental particle physics, synthesis of new materials, and search for the fundamental principles and concepts underlying physics.

In the first area we are at the top level of development of the CCD camera to detect the weak X-ray in space. The PRISM(Phase Rotated Intense Slow Muon source) project, proposed by our group to search for lepton flavor violating muon processes, is currently being implemented and is making good progress. The second area dealing with the synthesis of new materials will primarily focus on their magnetic properties. The emphasis will be on the rare earth and uranium based heavy fermions, ferromagnetic potassium clusters incorporated into zeolites and the material design aspects of the diluted magnetic semiconductors. These topics have been actively studied in the field of condensed matter physics. The third area explores the fundamental principles of integrated physics and mathematics.

A top class education is a key element of our program. In addition to the regular academic course work, graduate students and young scientists will be encouraged to attend:
(1) summer schools, (2) short term lectures and seminars given by visiting scientists and (3) provided opportunities to interact and collaborate with the leading experts in their field at an international level by participation in international conferences and symposia. Our aim will be to produce and groom a new generation of graduate students and young scientists who are full of curiosity about the mysteries of space, are fascinated by the surprising variety of materials exhibiting exotic and novel properties and are deeply impressed by the law of physics, beautifully expressed by mathematical equations.

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