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日時 平成16年(2004年)2月10日(火)午後13時から
場所 理学研究科B棟2階 物理第一談話室(B236)
講師 Prof. S. Nussinov (Tel Aviv University)
題目 Various aspects of Penta-quark physics
概要 I will address the question if the penta-quark can be described as two I=0,S=0 3[bar] of color and s[bar] three body system. This will be done in the context of QCD inequalities. QCD inequalities is a general subject that I have been working on and which I will very briefly review for this purpose. The possibility of "associated production" of exotics and Penta + anti-penta+X in e(+)--e(-) collisions and issuesof hadronic width will be discussed. I will also use QCD inequalities todiscuss various interpretations of the new D(s) 0(+) state.

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