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日時 平成16年(2004年)2月18日(水)午後10時30分から
場所 理学研究科B棟2階 物理第一談話室(B236)
講師 Prof. Yu.G. Zdesenko (Institute for Nuclear Research, Kiev, Ukraine)
題目 Sensitivity and discovery potential of the present and future 2beta decay experiments
概要 The current results of 2beta decay experiments are reviewed. The demands to the future super-sensitivity 2beta decay experiments (aiming to observe the neutrinoless 2beta decay or to advance restrictions on the neutrino mass to mν < 0.02 eV) are considered and requirements to their sensitivity and discovery potential are formulated. The most realistic 2beta projects are considered and conclusion is obtained that most of them could certainly advance the limit on the neutrino mass to mν < 0.05

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