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日時 平成16年(2004年)2月16日(火)午後2時00分から
場所 理学研究科F棟6階 会議室
講師 Edison Liang(エディソン・リャン)
(米国ライス大学 物理・天文学研究科 教授・ライス大学 ライス宇宙研究所
題目 Particle Acceleration via Relativistic Magnetized Plasma Expansion and Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts
概要 We summarize the major results of the recently discovered Diamagnetic Relativistic Pulse Accelerator as a promising mechanism for the prompt emission of cosmic gamma-ray bursts. Using 2-1/2 dimensional PIC simulations carried to very late times, we discover unique properties of the DRPA which reproduce many of the observed properties of GRBs, including their light curves, spectra and spectral evolution. We will also discuss the radiation mechanism of DRPA and its implications for GRBs.

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