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日時 平成16年(2004年)2月27日(金)13:30〜15:00
場所 理学研究科B棟2階 物理第一談話室(B236)
講師 Prof. Kenneth Long (Imperial College, London)
題目 “The Neutrino Factory Project in Europe”
概要 Recent results have shown that the na〓ve Standard Model description of the neutrino is incomplete. The results imply that neutrinos have mass and that neutrinos undergo flavour-oscillations. The far-reaching consequences of these observations include the possibility that it is leptonic CP-violation rather than the observed CP violation of quarks that gives rise to the matter-dominated universe. I briefly review the status of measurements of neutrino oscillation and the experiments that are under construction or planned for the near future. Further progress in this field and the search for leptonic CP-violation requires measurements of exquisite precision. Such measurements can be performed using high-intensity neutrino beams derived from the decay of a stored muon beam of unprecedented brilliance: the ‘Neutrino Factory’. The physics potential of the Neutrino Factory will be reviewed and a European perspective on the accelerator complex and the R&D programme that must be developed will be given. The phase-space cooling of the muon beam is of particular importance. A technique known as ‘ionisation cooling’ has been proposed to produce the required degree of cooling. I will describe the international Muon Ionisation Cooling Experiment that has been proposed to provide an engineering demonstration of this subtle and complicated technique. The status of the experiment along with the proposed timeline will be presented.

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