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21世紀COEセミナー「Neutrino Factories: The Future Facility of Neutrino Physics」

日時 平成18年(2006年)1月27日(金)16:30〜
場所 理学研究科H棟6階 中セミナー室(H601)
講師 Carol Johnstone氏 (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Accelerator Division)
題目 Neutrino Factories: The Future Facility of Neutrino Physics
概要 Chargeless and massless, intense beams of energetic neutrinos are nortoriously difficult to produce and control. This seminar introduces the excitiing neutrino physics that can be achieved with an intense, well characterized source of neutrinos followed by recent technical advances and ground-breaking accelerator research that make the Neutrino Factories possible and economical. In this talk, the concept of neutrino factory accelerator complex will be described.

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