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日時 平成18年(2006年)11月22日(水)10;00〜12:00
場所 理学研究科H棟7階 大セミナー室(H701)
10:00 - 11:00
石原 盛男 助教授
“Development of a High Performance TOF-SIMS System Using Multi-turn TOF mass analyzer”
微量サンプルの高感度分析をめざして、二次イオン質量分析装置の開発を進めている。この装置の特長は収束イオンビームを用いた高分解能SIMS とフェムト秒レーザー照射によるポストイオン化、マルチターンTOF による高質量分解能を組み合わせたところにある。開発の現状を紹介する。
11:00 - 12:00
Dr. Anastassios E. Giannakopulos
(Institute of Mass Spectrometry and Department of Chemistry,
University of Warwick, Coventry CV47AL, United Kingdom)
“Electrospray Ionisation Source Incorporating Electrodynamic Ion Focusing and Conveying”
The control and transmission of charged entities in the intermediate to high pressure regime is of primary importance in areas such as atmospheric pressure ionisation. In an electrospray ionisation source where small apertures separate differentially pumped vacuum regions in the inlet systems to mass spectrometers, a large proportion of the available ion current is lost to the surrounding electrode structures. A new electrospray ionisation source, incorporating electrodynamic focusing and conveying of charged entities in two vacuum regions is described and preliminary experimental results using an orthogonal time-of-flight configuration are presented.
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