International Workshop 2007,
The 21st Century COE Program
"Towards a New Basic Science: Depth and Synthesis"


September 10, 2007
Plenary Session
at Σ Hall

September 11, 2007
Parallel Sessions

Session 1 (Research for Cosmic Fundamental Matters)
at the room B300, the 3rd floor of the B-building in Graduate School of Engineering Science

Session 2 (Synthesis of New Materials)
at Σ Hall

Session 3 (Exploration of Principles)
at the room H701, the 7th floor of the H-building in Graduate School of Science

Plenary Session

Monday, September 10

9:55-10:00 Y. Onuki (Osaka University)
Opening adress
Chair: A. Fujiki
10:00-10:50 PL1 Y. Nishiura (Hokkaido University)
Dynamics of Particle Patterns in Dissipative Systems
10:50-11:40 PL2 H. A. Levine (Iowa State University, U.S.A.)
A Mathematical Model for the Regulation of Tumor Dormancy Based on Enzyme Kinetics
11:40-11:50 Taking Pictures
11:50-13:10 Lunch
Chair: Y. Onuki
13:10-14:00 PL3 Y. Nozue (Osaka University)
Novel Electronic Properties of Alkali Metal Clusters in Regular Nanospace
14:00-14:50 PL4 K. Tanigaki (Tohoku University)
Network Polyhedra Having Regulated Nanospace: Past, Present and Perspective Future
14:50-15:20 Coffee Break
Chair: Y. Kuno
15:20-16:10 PL5 K. T. Lesko (Institute for Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)
The NSF's Deep Underground Laboratory at Homestake- DUSEL
16:10-17:00 PL6 D. N. Burrows (Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A.)
Probing the Deaths of Massive Stars: Supernova Remnants, Gamma-ray Bursts, and Black Hole Formation
18:00-20:00 Banquet

Parallel Session 1 (Research for Cosmic Fundamental Matters)

Tuesday, September 11

Chair : A. Maki
9:00-9:20 A-O1 K. Higashijima (Osaka University)
Are Non-Renormalizable Theories Really Un-Renormalizable?
9:20-9:40 A-O2 K. Oda (Osaka University)
Black Holes at the Large Hadron Collider
9:40-10:00 A-O3 T. Kubota (Osaka University)
New Analytic Solutions for Non-BPS Black Holes and the Attractor Mechanism
10:00-10:20 A-O4 M. Kitazawa (Osaka University)
Spectral Properties of Quarks in Deconfined Phase
10:20-10:40 Coffee Break
Chair : K. Higashijima
10:40-11:20 A-O5 A. Maki (KEK)
Particle Physics, Past and Future an Experimental View
11:20-11:40 A-O6 T. Yamanaka (Osaka University)
New Rare Kaon Decay Experiment at J-PARC
11:40-12:00 A-O7 Y. Kuno (Osaka University)
A Study of a Neutrino Factory
12:00-13:30 Lunch
Chair : H. Tsunemi
13:30-14:00 A-O8 K. Nakai (International Institute for Advanced Studies)
Ten Years from "UNCLEAR PHYSICS" to Nuclear Physics
14:00-14:20 A-O9 T. Kishimoto (Osaka University)
Study of Double Beta Decay with CANDLES
14:20-14:40 A-O10 M. Nomachi (Osaka University)
Study of Double Beta Decay with MOON/Super NEMO
14:40-15:00 Coffee Break
Chair : T. Kishimoto
15:00-15:20 A-O11 T. Shimoda (Osaka University)
Structure of Exotic Nuclei Probed by Spin-Polarized Radioactive Beams
15:20-15:40 A-O12 M. Fukuda (Osaka University, RCNP)
Upgrade of the RCNP Cyclotron Facility for Production of High Quality and Intense Beams
15:40-16:00 A-O13 H. Okamura (Osaka University, RCNP)
Nuclear Physics Programs at RCNP Cyclotron
16:00-16:20 A-O14 N. Muramatsu (Osaka University, RCNP)
Status and Prospects of Pentaquark Searches
16:20-16:40 Coffee Break
Chair : T. Shimoda
16:40-17:00 A-O15 H. Tsunemi (Osaka University)
Hot Gas in Our Galaxy Observed with Suzaku X-ray Observatory
17:00-17:20 A-O16 F. Takahara (Osaka University)
Wien Fireball Model of Relativistic Outflows in Active Galactic Nuclei
17:20-17:40 A-O17 T. Kato (Osaka University, ILE)
Laboratory Astrophysics with Large-Scale Laser Facility
17:40-18:00 A-O18 All
Outlook and Discussions

Parallel Session 2 (Synthesis of New Materials)

Tuesday, September 11

Chair : T. Ogawa
9:00-9:30 B-O1 S. K. Dhar (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India)
Study of Strongly Correlated Electronic Behavior in Some New Ce and Yb Based Compounds
9:30-10:00 B-O2 R. Settai (Osaka University)
Superconducting States in Non-Centrosymmetric Heavy Fermion Superconductors
10:00-10:15 B-O3 T. Masui (Osaka University)
Transport Properties and Raman Spectra of Pure and Impurity Substituted MgB2
10:15-10:30 B-O4 H. Kohno (Osaka University)
Nanowire Fabrication of Si-Based Materials
10:30-11:00 B-O5 K. M. Slevin (Osaka University)
Numerical Investigations of Anderson Localisation
11:00-15:00 Poster Session (12:30 - 13:30 Lunch)
Chair : S. Tajima
15:00-15:30 B-O6 N. H. Luong (Vietnam National University, Hanoi)
Magnetocaloric Effect in Manganites and Amorphous Ribbons
15:30-16:00 B-O7 H. Kawamura (Osaka University)
Vortex Order in Frustrated Magnets
16:00-16:30 B-O8 H. Zung (Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City)
Diffusion in Simulated Liquid SiO2 and GeO2 Under High Pressure
16:30-16:45 Coffee Break
Chair : S. Nakashima
16:45-17:00 B-O9 T. Sakaiya (Osaka University)
Full Diagnosis of Growth Rates of the Ablative Rayleigh-Taylor Instability
17:00-17:30 B-O10 B. Marty (Centre de Recherches Petrographiques et Geochimiques, France)
The Composition of the Sun : Nitrogen Isotopic Measurements of the Solar Wind Sampled by the Genesis Mission
17:30-18:00 B-O11 J. Matsuda (Osaka University)
Isotopic Medical Health-Examination

Parallel Session 3 (Exploration of Principles)

Tuesday, September 11

Chair : A. Matsumura
9:30-10:20 C-O1 K. Ohshika (Osaka University)
Topology of Boundaries for Quasi-Fuchsian Spaces
10:30-11:20 C-O2 H. Moriyoshi (Keio University)
Twisted Index Theorem and Its Geometric Applications
11:30-12:00 C-O3 M. Tange (Osaka University)
Restrictions and Constructions of Dehn Surgery to Yield Elliptic Manifolds
12:00-14:00 Lunch
Chair : Ta. Suzuki
14:00-14:50 C-O4 Y.-H. Kiehm (Seoul National University)
Gromov-Witten Invariants of Varieties with Holomorphic 2-Forms
15:00-15:30 C-O5 To. Suzuki (Osaka University)
On a Mathematical Analysis of the Navier-Stokes Equations
15:30-15:50 Coffee Break
15:50-16:20 C-O6 K. Ihara (Osaka University)
The Algebra Generated by Multiple Zeta Values
16:30-17:20 C-O7 De-Qi. Zhang (National University of Singapore)
Automorphisms of Algebraic Manifolds

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