Suguru Shimizu
Assistant Professor
Exotic Nuclear Structure, Shimoda Group
Research Center for Nuclear Physics (Suita Campus map )
10-1 Mihogaoka, Ibaraki, Osaka, 567-0047
Research Interests:

1, Search for T-violating muon polarization in K+ → pi0 mu + nu decay.
2, Search for heavy sterile neutrino in K+ → mu+ nu decay.
3, Search for lepton flavor violation effect in K+ → e+ nu decay.
4, Search for unknown neutral object from e+ Th interaction.

Selected Publications:

Test of exotic scalar and tensor couplings in K+ → pi0 e+ nu decay.
By KEK-E246 Collaboration (S. Shimizu et al.). 2000.
Published in Phys.Lett.B495:33-41,2000

Measurement of K+ → pi0 pi0 e+ nu (K00(E4)) decay using stopped positive kaons.
By KEK-E470 (S. Shimizu et al.). Aug 2004. 10pp.
Published in Phys.Rev.D70:037101,2004.

Measurement of K+ → pi0 mu+ nu gamma decay using stopped kaons.
By KEK-E470 Collaboration (S. Shimizu et al.). Dec 2005. 12pp.
Published in Phys.Lett.B633:190-194,2006.

A New limit of T-violating transverse muon polarization in the K+ → pi0 mu+ nu decay.
By KEK-E246 Collaboration (M. Abe et al.). Aug 2004. 5pp.
Published in Phys.Rev.Lett.93:131601,2004.

Measurement of direct photon emission in K+ → pi+ pi0 gamma decay using stopped positive kaons.
By KEK-E470 Collaboration (S.Shimizu et al.). Dec 2002. 12pp.
Published in Phys.Lett.B554:7-14,2003.