Kensaku Matsuta
Associate Professor
Nuclear and Solid State Physics Group
Room H418, Graduate School of Science (Toyonaka Campus map )
1-1 Machikaneyama, Toyonaka, Osaka 560-0043
Research Interests:

(1) Study of nuclear structure and quark/meson degrees of freedom inside nucleus through precise measurements of nuclear electromagnetic moments.
(2) Study of fundamental symmetries through precise beta decay measurements and through  EDM (electric dipole moment) using UCN (ultra-cold neutrons).
(3) Study of spin polarization phenomena and reaction mechanism in low energy nuclear reactions and high energy heavy ion collisions.
(4) Study of structure of material by means of nuclear magnetic resonance detected by nuclear radiation, i.e., β-NMR.

Spin expectation values of nuclei.  Abnormally large value was found only for 9C (T = 3/2), which is actually due to prominent charge symmetry breaking in mass = 9 mirror nuclei.

5-MV Van de Graaff electrostatic accelerator.

Selected Publications:

Magnetic Moment of Proton Drip-Line Nucleus 9C,
K. Matsuta et al., Nuclear Physics A 588 (1995) 153c-156c

Search for the G-Parity Irregular Term in Weak Nucleon Currents Extracted from Mirror Beta Decays in the Mass 8 System, T. Sumikama et al., Phys. Lett. B 664 (2008) 235-240.

Polarization of 23Ne, 24m,25Al and 28P Produced through Single Nucleon Pickup and Charge-Exchange Reactions at 100A MeV,
T. Ohtsubo et al., Hyperfine Interactions 180 (2007) 85-89.

Knight Shifts for Short Lived β Emitters in Pt,
K. Matsuta et al., Hyperfine Intercations 120/121 (1999) 719-723

Nuclear Electromagnetic Moments ---β-NMR and Its Applications---
K. Asahi and K. Matsuta, Nucl. Phys. A693 (2001) 63-76


K. Matsuta graduated from Osaka Univ., Japan, in 1979, received Masters degree in 1981 and Ph. D. in Physics, in 1985 from Osaka Univ. He has been working at Osaka Univ. since 1984 (present title is Associated Prof.). Meanwhile, he had been working also at Lawrence Berkeley Lab., USA, as a Special Staff Scientist during the period 1986 -1994.