Tatsushi Shima
Assistant Professor
Particle and Nuclear Reactions 1A Group
Research Center for Nuclear Physics (Suita Campus map )
10-1 Mihogaoka, Ibaraki, Osaka, 567-0047
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Research Interests:

 Nuclear astrophysics, astrophysical nucleosynthesis, evolutions of the universe, galaxies, and stars
 Neutrino-induced nuclear reactions relevant to supernova explosions and r-process nucleosynthesis
 Properties of few-nucleon systems and nuclear forces studied by means of photonuclear reactions
 Fundamental physics with slow neutrons

Selected Publications:

"Simultaneous measurement of the photodisintegration of 4He in the giant dipole resonance region",
T. Shima et al., Physical Review C72 (2005) 044004

"Big bang nucleosynthesis with a new neutron lifetime", G. J. Mathews, T. Kajino, and T. Shima,
Physical Review D71 (2005) 021302(R)

"New data for total 3He(γ,p)D and 3He(γ,pp)n cross sections compared to current theory",
S. Naito, Y. Nagai, T. Shima et al., Physical Review C73 (2006) 034003

"E1 and E2 cross sections of the 12C(α,γ0)16O reaction using pulsed α beams",
H. Makii, Y. Nagai, T. Shima et al., Physical Review C80 (2009) 065802

"New constraints on radiative decay of long-lived particles in big bang nucleosynthesis with new 4He photodisintegration data",
M. Kusakabe, T. Kajino, T.Yoshida, T. Shima, Y. Nagai, and T. Kii, Physical Review D79 (2009) 123513


Mar. 1990

Ph.D (Osaka University)

Apr. 1990–Mar. 1991

Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Apr. 1991–Jul. 1999

Research Associate at Department of Applied Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Aug. 1999–Mar. 2007

Research Associate at Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University

Apr. 2007–

Assistant Professor at Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University