Hiroyuki Noumi
Particle and Nuclear Reactions 1B Group
Research Center for Nuclear Physics (Suita Campus map )
10-1 Mihogaoka, Ibaraki, Osaka, 567-0047
Research Interests:

Experimental Nuclear Hadron Physics:
I am interested in a mystery of how to form hadrons and hadronic matter in the universe. We are studying these subjects through hadron and strangeness-nuclear spectroscopy. Particularly, exotic hadrons with unusual quark configuration, hadron-hadron interactions, hadron property in hadronic matter are in our scope. For these studies, we frequently use the Laser Electron Photon experimental facility at SPring-8 (LEPS) and hadron experimental facility at J-PARC as well as our home institute of RCNP.

Selected Publications:

"Beam Diagnosis Devices of a High Power Proton Beam Line Facility",
H. Noumi, Nuclear Science Symposium 2007, Conference Record,

"Secondary beam production in the nuclear and particle physics facility in J-PARC",
K. Agari, H. Noumi, et al., Journal of Nuclear Matter 343,

"Production of the Neutron-Rich Hypernucleus 10ΛLi in the (π-,K+) Double Charge-Exchange Reaction",
P. K. Saha, T. Fukuda, H. Noumi,et al.,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, pp052502/1-4(2005).

"Study of the Σ-nucleus potential by the (π-,K+) reaction on medium-to-heavy nuclear targets",
P.K.Saha, H.Noumi, et al., Phys. Rev. C70,


Sep. 2007 -

Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University, Professor

Apr. 2002 -

Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies, KEK, Associate Professor

Apr. 1997 -

Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies, KEK, Research Associate

Jun. 1991 -

Doctor of Science (Osaka University)

Oct. 1990 -

KEK, Research Associate

- Sep. 1990

Graduate School of Science, Osaka University