Atsushi Sakaguchi
Associate Professor
Nuclear and Particle Physics, Kishimoto Group
Room H414, Graduate School of Science (Toyonaka Campus map )
1-1 Machikaneyama, Toyonaka, Osaka 560-0043
Research Interests:

The strangeness nuclear physics is one of active research fields of the nuclear physics.  The strangeness degree of freedom associates with the strange quark and we can realize it clearly as strange particles, hyperons and K mesons. The introduction or embedding of such strange particles into nuclei opens the door to the new fields of nuclear physics.
The study of hypernuclei is one of typical subjects of the strangeness nuclear physics. We can create the hypernuclei by the embedding of the hyperons (Λ, Σ, Ξ, etc.) into the ordinary nuclei made of nucleons (p and n). The hypernuclei themselves are quite exotic and interesting objects, and these are also good micro-laboratories to study the feature and the basic symmetries of the hyperon-nucleon interaction.
We have been studied the details of the hyperon-nucleon strong and weak interactions at various accelerator facilities in the world. Recently a new accelerator facility J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Complex) was newly constructed at Tokai in Japan. The new facility is an ideal facility for the strangeness nuclear physics. We are planning and in preparation to carry out series of experiments for the study of the hypernuclei at J-PARC.

Family of nucleons (p and n) and hyperons (Λ, Σ and Ξ) classified by the flavor SU(3) symmetry.

Single-Λ and double-Λ hypernuclei contain one Λ-hyperon and two Λ-hyperons, respectively.

Beam line and spectrometer system under construction at J-PARC.

Selected Publications:

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