Theoretical science provides a fundamental basis for any science
through common mathematical equations and tools.
Core for Theretical science research aims at putting chances for researchers
to get together, for providing stimulations breaking walls between
different subjects in science.
The project started on June 3rd, 2013.
We started "Nambu colloquium" to bring up new paradighms in science and
to put a firm ground for researchers for discussions.
The colloquium is named after prof. Yoichiro Nambu, the physics Nobel laureate.

Project members


Kentaro Nagamine

Earth and Space Science

Atsushi Hosaka

Resaerch center for nuclear physics

Yoichiro Nambu


Advisory committee

Mikito Koshino


Satoshi Yukawa

Earth and Space Science

Makoto Kikuchi

Cybermedia center

Hajime Yoshino

Cybermedia center

Takashi Nakano

Research center for nuclear physics

Hiroshi Toki

Research center for nuclear physicsn