Theoretical science has a mathematical structure at its foundation.
Established in June 2013, the Core for Theoretical Science Research
brings together theoretical researchers
who share a common interest in mathematics and observables,
promotes cross-disciplinary theoretical research, and nurtures new research seeds.
We organize the "Nambu Colloquium" named after Dr. Yoichiro Nambu,
Nobel Prize winner in Physics (Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Osaka University).

The Core for Theoretical Science Research was closed in FY2021 due to the reorganization of the Project Research Center for Fundamental Sciences.

Its activity is passed on to the newly established Theoretical Joint Research (TJR) Project at the Forefront Research Center from April 2022.

Project members


Kentaro Nagamine

Earth and Space Science


Koji Hashimoto (Until FY2020)


Atsushi Hosaka

Research Center for Nuclear Physics (RCNP)

Yoichiro Nambu


Advisory committee

Satoshi Yukawa

Earth and Space Science

Makoto Kikuchi

Cybermedia center

Hajime Yoshino

Cybermedia center

Takashi Nakano

Research center for nuclear physics

Hiroshi Toki

Research center for nuclear physicsn