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Condensed Matter Physics and Interdisciplinary Physics
Interface Physics, Matsuno Group
Research Interests
Novel quantum matters realized in oxide thin films and interfaces
Oxide spintronics utilizing spin-orbit interaction
Introduction to the research interests

We are focusing on design, growth, and analysis of correlated oxide interfaces showing a variety of outstanding properties. We control symmetry, dimensionality, and topology of materials through atomically flat interfaces mainly by pulsed-laser-deposition thin film growth; this will open up a way to novel quantum matter. For example, we can “smoothly” control dimensionality of correlated oxides by forming superlattices; this enables us to thoroughly explore quantum phase diagrams, leading to discovery of new phase transitions. We also utilize symmetry; inversion symmetry is always broken at interfaces, resulting in antisymmetric magnetic interaction known as Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction. This provides possible spintronic applications at well-defined epitaxial oxide interfaces. Through these interfaces, we try to understand nature of novel quantum matters and to bring out their functionalities.

Pulsed Laser Deposition thin film growth chamber

Control of dimensionality through superlattices.