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Condensed Matter Physics and Interdisciplinary Physics
Development of Quantum Materials, Kudo Group
Research Interests
High-temperature superconductors
Exotic superconducting states
Functional materials
Introduction to the research interests

In quantum materials, especially in systems where many electrons interact, cooperative phenomena create remarkable emergent ones. Superconductivity is a prominent example. We are developing new superconducting materials by controlling the crystal structures utilizing the properties of chemical elements. The figures below show some of the results obtained focusing on chemical bonds, coordination polyhedra, and polymorphs.
Superconductivity is based on the universal concept of spontaneous symmetry breaking, and thus emerges in various materials. This leads to various interesting superconducting properties depending on the characteristics of each material. Our main research interests are high-temperature superconductivity, topological superconductivity, and novel unconventional superconductivity, which are central issues in modern condensed matter physics. Through these studies, we aim to discover materials that open new doorways.

(a) Making and breaking chemical bonds in 122-type pnictides.

(b) 10-4-8-type iron arsenide with FeAs4 tetrahedra and PtAs4 squares.

(c) Polymorphs of BaPtAs.