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Condensed Matter Physics and Interdisciplinary Physics
Nanoscale Physics, Niimi Group
Research Interests
Fabrication of nanoscale devices with van der Waals superconductors and ferromagnets
Studies of spin dynamics by means of spin transport measurements
Control of artificial phonons in van der Waals materials with surface acoustic waves
Introduction to the research interests

Nanometer-scale (nanoscale) devices consisting of metals (including superconductors) and semiconductors have been utilized to demonstrate quantum effects in fundamental science and to establish quantum computing for future application. In spintronics originating from the field of magnetism, many important phenomena such as giant magnetoresistance and spin Hall effects have been discovered and used for application. The research group aims to find novel phenomena and also to elucidate the mechanisms, by artificially combating nanoscale metals and/or superconductors with nanoscale ferromagnets.

Van der Waals high TC superconductor device.

Nanoscale spintronic device to detect spin fluctuations.