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Fundamental Physics
Particle Physics Theory 1, Kanemura Group
Research Interests
Vacuum structure of the early Universe, Higgs boson physics, and new unified theories
Solving the problems by constructing new models beyond the standard model
Phenomenological studies on new physics at current and future colliders at LHC and ILC
Gravitational waves as a probe of particle theories at the early Universe
Introduction to the research interests

What are the most fundamental building blocks of matter? What is the origin of quarks and leptons? How do they interact with each other? How are all the interactions unified? How was the universe born? How has it evolved to the present? These are the questions we are going to answer.

The biggest mysteries in current physics are the Higgs boson. A Higgs boson was found at LHC in 2012. Yet we do not know its true character. The important issue is to clarify the nature of electroweak symmetry breaking to pin down the structure of the unification of forces.

We are proposing new ideas to explain phenomena that cannot be explained in the standard model such as physics behind the electroweak symmetry breaking, tiny neutrino mass, the origin of dark matter, baryogenesis. We are also theoretically exploring the nature of electroweak phase transition via current and future collider experiments and gravitational wave experiments.

Current research