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Quantum Physics
Condensed Matter Quantum Computing Group
Research Interests
Theoretical exploration of quasiperiodic systems and quasicrystals, development in quantum computing algorithms
Introduction to the research interests

The exploration of quasiperiodicity in materials science has captivated researchers since the advent of quasicrystals. These unique materials show long-range order inconsistent with periodicity, offering us exciting research topics on electron correlation. A notable achievement in this domain is the discovery of bulk superconductivity in an Al-Mg-Zn quasicrystal, challenging pre-existing paradigms. The group employs advanced theoretical frameworks, such as the real-space dynamical mean-field method, to probe these systems, revealing phenomena like the non-BCS superconductivity formed by Cooper pairs with non-zero center of mass momentum. Simultaneously, the group is advancing the field of quantum computing for condensed matter physics through innovative algorithm development, which can be applied to the estimation of observables. Our dual focus on inhomogeneous systems and quantum computing underscoring their commitment to tackling some of the most challenging and intriguing problems in the field of condensed matter physics.