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Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences
Solid-State Spectroscopy, Kimura Group
Research Interests
Optical and photoelectrical studies on electronic states of functional solids and thin films.
Development of new spectroscopies using synchrotron radiation and quantum beams.
Order and pattern formation processes in non-equilibrium systems.
Introduction to the research interests

Physical properties of solids, such as magnetism and ferroelectricity, and life phenomena, such as redox and photosynthesis, originate from the electronic states in materials and their interactions. To clarify the electronic states provides us not only the information of the origins of the physical properties and life phenomena but also the expectation and creation of novel functionalities. To visualize of the change of the electronic state, we also develop novel spectroscopic techniques using synchrotron radiation and other quantum beams. On the basis of the obtained information of electronic structures, we are aiming to develop novel physical properties of new materials.

A novel photoemission spectrometer, namely Symmetry- And Momentum-Resolved electronic structure Analysis Instrument (SAMRAI) at UVSOR, a high-brilliance low-energy synchrotron radiation facility, developed by our group.

Selected Publications:

See  http://www.kimura-lab.com/publication.html