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Research Center for Nuclear Physics
Quark Nuclear Physics Theory Group
Research Interests
Structure and reactions of hadrons from quarks and gluons
Construction of nuclei from protons and neutrons
Understanding of the origin of elements by high precision nuclear reaction theory
Introduction to the research interests

Our aim is to understand the diverse phenomena associated with the strong interaction from the microscopic world of quarks for nucleons to the macroscopic world including star phenomena. Quantum chromodynamics confines quarks and breaks chiral symmetry spontaneously, but we do not know their mechanism. Yukawa's interaction by the pion binds the nucleus, but we still can not solve the problem of nuclear structure. It is rather recent that we can describe nuclear reactions to clarify how the elements are formed in the history of the universe. We are approaching these problems by using various methods of theoretical physics of quantum mechanics, relativity and field theory.

In performing our research, we discuss and collaborate with many physicists from the world. We also discuss with experimentalists who are working at the RCNP cyclotron, SPring-8, KEK, RIKEN and J-PARC.