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Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research
Quantum System Electronics Group, Oiwa Group
Research Interests
Spin-related quantum transport i semiconductor low dimensional system
Quantum  interface between single photon and single spin and its application to quantum information processing
Novel magnetic semiconductors and their semiconductor spintronics device application.
Wide band-gap semiconductor based materials integration and their device applications.
Introduction to the research interests

We studies novel optical, electronic, and spin devices that support the highly-sophisticated information society in the 21st century. Based on semiconductor devices, our research fields are quantum information processing using the quantum mechanical nature of electron spins and photons, and spintronics based on the development and hybridization of optical, electrical and spin materials. We study the growth and characterization of high quality materials and perform precise quantum transport measurements. Aim of our research is the realization of novel phenomena emerging in quantum nano-structures that can control the photon, electron and spin degrees of freedom.