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Quantum Beam Physics Group
Research Interests
Study on GeV- class Laser wake-field Acceleration (LWFA).
Application of ultra-short electron beams from LWFA.
Numerical simulation and theoretical study on interaction between laser, particle beams and plasmas.
Development of key devices for laser-plasma interaction experiments.
Study on material sciences using FIR・THz free electron laser (FEL) based on linear electron accelerator.
Introduction to the research interests

Contribution of particle accelerators to the modern basic science, industry, and medicine is invaluable. However until recent years, accelerator development have been continuously growing with new demands for higher energy and currents, for beams in femtosecond and atto-second ranges, for nanometer scaling and high fields. New solutions in the way of miniaturization of ordinary accelerators, which are typically national facility level and require a huge amount of money and huge location areas, are under developing with novel acceleration mechanisms exploiting ultra-high electric fields. Here the most promising are the laser plasma accelerators that use the plasma waves exited in laser pulse wakes. This technique is called the laser wake field acceleration(LWFA). Our goal is to realize a GeV class laser accelerators via developing of strict plasma control technology based on insightful understanding of plasma and beam behaviors.