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Center for Quantum Science and Technology under Extreme Conditions
High Magnetic Field Research Group
Research Interests
Condensed Matter Physics in Ultra High Magnetic Fields
Observation of New Field Induced Physical Phenomena and Their Elucidation
Development of Measurement Techniques with High Sensitivity in High Magnetic Fields
Development of Measurement Techniques under Complex Extreme Conditions
Introduction to the research interests

Magnetic field, which directly acts on the electron spin and the orbital degrees of freedom, is one of the most important physical parameters as well as temperature and pressure. We aim at finding new physical phenomena in ultra high magnetic fields, combined with complex extreme conditions, such as extremely low temperature and very high pressure, and elucidating their mechanisms. As shown in the figure, we have developed electron spin resonance (ESR) apparatus with the world-widest frequency-field window. We are also making ESR resonators with high sensitivity and expanding research fields from conventional magnets to nano-magnets and biomaterials (inset of the figure).